The Benefits Of A Raw Pet Food Diet

More and more pet owners realize the importance of putting their pets on a raw pet food diet. However, there are a lot of people who are skeptical about giving their pets raw meats, bones, fruits, and veggies. It's easy to see why. That being said, we've gotten the opinions from experts on what the advantages are of this kind of diet, as well as what the disadvantages are.

How did the "raw pet food" concept come about?

Initially, racing greyhounds were the only type of dogs that were fed raw food. This was until Ian Billinghurst, a vet, came up with the BARF diet during early 1930s for pets. BARF stands for bones and raw food. The acronym can also simply denote raw food that was biologically appropriate.

Why Did People Believe Pets Would Benefit From A Raw Pet Food Diet

Billinghurst believed that if there was a diet for dogs that could be traced to a time when they ate what they initially ate, then they would thrive. He believed that if dogs ate raw meats, fruits, and veggies, then they would reach optimal health than if they followed the common domesticated diet. The idea of a raw pet food diet is thought to have come in 1930.

Why Is A Raw Pet Food Diet Controversial

Raw pet food has its share of positives and negatives, like any other human or pet diet. Some experts strongly believe packaged dog food items are the best things one can feed a dog. The other school of thought insists on feeding pets with raw food for their general health and overall development. Listed below are raw pet food's pros and cons:

Pros of the diet:

• A shinier and healthier skin and coat
• Cleaner and better-looking teeth
• Increased energy
• Shorter bowel movements

If you want your dog to have cleaner and better-looking teeth, skin and coat, as well as shorter bowel movements and more energy, then consider putting them on a raw diet.


• Raw meat might have bacteria
• Over an extended time period, an unbalanced diet may cause harm to your dog
• Eating whole bones may lead to choking

If any of those disadvantages are too much for you to handle, then don't consider putting them on the diet.

Dog owners must, therefore, consider the positives and negatives of raw dog food and come to a conclusion whether their dog would be able to keep up with raw food - and most importantly, benefit from it. Remember, All natural dog food isn't ideal for all dogs. Certain dogs may not respond to raw food as well as other dogs, and your dog may belong to the non-responding clan. Therefore, keep these things in mind before you take or do not take the raw pet food route.

Get Healthy Dog Food To Keep Your Pet Active

You want your pet to be active and healthy, and you should make sure that you feed him the best dog food to keep him that way. Look for healthy dog food from your favorite brand, or search for a new brand. Make sure your dog is eating as often as he should be and not any more than that so that he won't be underweight or overweight.

Talk With An Expert About Dog Food

If you aren't sure which kinds of dog food are the best, then you should talk with an expert, such as a veterinarian. Get their opinion on what you should be feeding your dog. It will make you feel relaxed to know what kind of dog food is the healthiest and to feed it to your pet on a daily basis.

Find The Cheapest And Healthiest Dog Food

You should make sure that the dog food is not only healthy but that it is also cheap enough that you can afford it every time your dog needs to eat. So, you should look at various healthy brands to figure out which one is the cheapest. And look at different stores that sell those brands of dog food so that you know where you can get it in bulk for cheaper. 

You will feel good when you have Healthy dog food for your pet and know that you didn't pay too much to get it. You will feel confident that your pet is staying healthy when you feed him the healthiest dog food that you can find and make sure that you give him the right amount.