Developing a Compost Bin

Composting is one way to give a big jump start to your garden. It is also beneficial to the environment as you can cut down the amount of garbage and waste you produce and can convert it to a positive end. Composting adds nutrition to the soil without using expensive additives and fertilizers and can save you money with your garden.

Buy the Right Equipment

You don’t need a compost bin to get started with composting but it helps to avoid the stench of decomposing organic material. Buy a compost that is the right size for your needs and is capable of absorbing the waste from your family. Make sure that the compost bin that you choose is air tight and can easily be turned over.

Develop a Compost Plan

You will need to compost both green and brown matter. Green matter includes your food scraps, leaves, and any other organic matter. Brown matter includes paper bags, newspaper, and other paper. You should include both of these items in your garden in order to have an effective space for your gardening. You may need to add microorganisms to the compost like worms or maggots if you aren’t getting much traction or the process is slow. Adding these items to your compost heap or bin will greatly expedite the composting process and improve on the quality of your soil much faster than you otherwise can on your own.

Save Your Scraps

Be sure to save scraps of Food all year long to answer your compost heap keep a small container in your freezer or countertop and add it to the compost bin at your leisure. By doing so you can keep your compost bin pumped full of the organic matter that can help to sprout new life to your garden and keep it full of the essential nutrition your garden needs. To read more about How to compost come visit our site.

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